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Since our beginning in 1987, Peardonville House Treatment Centre has provided addiction services to over 5000 women and children. Our continuing commitment is to provide assistance to women who desire to break free of the negative consequences of addiction and become fully functioning members of their families and communities, while offering  professional, compassionate childcare for their children.

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About Us

Peardonville House Treatment Centre is located in a beautiful, rural area of Abbotsford. It was founded in 1987 as an adult women’s treatment facility to serve the ever increasing demand of services for women in addiction. In 1990, at the request of the provincial government, the “Moms and Kids” program was launched to allow women struggling with addiction to bring their under-school-age children to treatment with them and have them share in the residential recovery experience.

Clients are cared for by a Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatrist and Methadone doctor.  Women receiving opiate antagonist therapy are welcome.

Intensive Treatment Program

A 10 week treatment program designed for women who want to stop the cycle of substance misuse in their life. The program includes Life Management Skills, Art Therapy, Sewing, Meditation, Yoga, Exercise, Relapse Prevention, Treatment Planning, access to trauma counselling post-treatment, personality testing, pre-employment workshops and more. This program is appropriate for women who are seeking an intense program of recovery, which includes group facilitation, group therapy and individual counseling support.

Mom’s & Tots

Women with children are expected to participate fully in the Peardonville House Intensive Residential program. Clients have the opportunity to bring their under-school-age children to treatment with them to share the family recovery experience. Mothers and children have specialized living quarters which enables them to live together as a single family unit. Mothers have access to professional daycare while they are in programming. However, the Mother is respected as the primary caregiver and is responsible for the safety and care of her children at all times.

Mollie’s Place

Located on the same grounds as Peardonville House, Mollie’s Place is a specialized residential program designed for women who are seeking a safe haven from substance misuse but are not yet ready for an intense residential treatment program. Mollie’s residents are encouraged to participate in a modified treatment program at their own pace until they are ready to move over to the intensive program or go back home. Clients meet regularly with the Mollie’s House Coordinator and decide together when they feel ready to begin the intensive program.  The goal of Mollie’s Place is to empower women to overcome barriers, meet their basic needs and teach life skills that will enable them to transition successfully either to the intensive program or back to their homes in the community.


Admission Criteria
The ideal candidate for admission to our 70-day, intensive residential program, is an adult female totally committed to transforming her life from dependence on mood altering substances to one of long-term, healthy and productive recovery.

Those women most suitable for admission to our stabilization and transitional living program, Mollie’s House, are women who may have a need for a longer period of time to adjust to and become anchored in the recovery process. These residents, should they choose, will be afforded the opportunity to transition into the more intensive Peardonville House program.

How much does treatment cost?

The cost for treatment is $40/day per person.  There are different methods of payment for clients depending on their funding source. 

  • Clients on Social Assistance are covered by the Ministry of Housing and Social Development (MHSD).
    • Applicants wishing to be admitted who are clients of MHSD must have an “open” file with MHSD prior to admission and must submit the Funding Verification Form to MHSD prior to admission.
  • Clients who are being paid for by their employer, union or insurance company must send written confirmation of payment to Peardonville House prior to admission.
  • If a client is covered through their Band, confirmation of funding must be sent to Peardonville House prior to admission.
  • Self-paying clients must present a certified cheque, e-transfer or cash prior to admission.
  • Mothers are also charged for each child accompanying them plus the cost of Day Care (the cost of daycare depends on the age of children).  If a client receives Day Care Subsidy, it will be transferred to Peardonville House for the duration of their stay.
  • If a client is on Methadone, there is an additional cost of $210 for clinic fees for the entire stay.  This cost must be paid before or upon admission.
How do I apply for treatment?

All referrals for SINGLES must be submitted to the Residential Coordination Team at  Please see below for options:  

  1. If a client is connected to services under the Fraser Health Authority (such as a substance use counsellor) their referring agent can access the Substance Use Referral Form on our website, complete it with their client and submit it to the Residential Coordination Team at  
    1. Please note that there are additional medical pages and assessments uploaded to our website that are required by Peardonville prior to admission.
  2. If a client is connected to services from a different Health Authority, the referring agent can access the Substance Use referral form on our website, complete it with their client and submit it to the Residential Coordination Team at 
    1. Please note that there are additional medical pages and assessments uploaded to our website that are required by Peardonville prior to admission. 
  3. If a client is not connected to any services or is in the hospital or detox, they can contact the Centralized Access team @ 1-866-624-6478 who will then assist with the referral process.
    1. Please note that there are additional medical pages and assessments required by Peardonville prior to admission. 


If the application is for the Mom and Tot’s program, please refer to our website and access the Mom and Tot’s referral package.  This package must be completed with a referring agent and be faxed directly to Peardonville.

How soon will I get in after I apply?
Once an application is received in its entirety it is reviewed as soon as possible to determine suitability for the program. If all the paperwork has been received and a bed opens up, a client may get in within a week after their paperwork has been received.  The process will be delayed if all the information is not supplied. The client must check in weekly with the intake and admissions coordinator at 604-856-3966 local 221 to indicate continued interest.
What is the policy regarding prescription and non-prescription medication?
  • Please note that Peardonville does not allow clients to be on any form of Benzodiazepine or Narcotics.  We do not accept clients on opiates other than Methadone, Suboxone and Kadian.   
  • Peardonville House may not dispense any medications without the authority of a physician.  As such, your own physician must approve the standing order located in your referral package and our resident doctor or nurse practitioner will prescribe medications while you are a resident at Peardonville House if needed.  
  • Please only bring prescriptions for your medications as all medications given to clients must be filled through our pharmacist.  We may not dispense any prescriptions filled by another pharmacy.  
    • Do not bring any medications, vitamins, supplements or outside food to Peardonville House as you will not be able to use them while in treatment. 
    • Peardonville House does not cover the costs of prescription medications. Please ensure that you have secured coverage for your medications prior to admission.
How much spending money will I need while a resident?
Residents will require money to do their own laundry ($1.75 per wash and $0.50 per dry), for the vending machine, for prescriptions not covered by BC Medical, for personal products and for any AA or NA books they may wish to buy.
Can I bring my car or other mode of transportation (bike, roller blades)?
No, clients are not allowed to have personal vehicles, bicycles or roller blades. There is nowhere to store them on the property.
When are visiting hours?
Clients may have visitors Sundays and Holidays from 1:30 PM TO 4:00 PM. Peardonville House is unable to feed guests.
What recreation is available?

Peardonville House has a marvelous gym (see attached video). We also offer yoga and stretch classes, meditation and Art.  There are books to read, board games to play and all clients will walk ½ an hour per day as part of programming. Once a client is granted a pass on the weekend they can access the recreation centers in Abbotsford at their own expense. Clients are not supported to bring their own personal work-out equipment to the center.

Can I make or receive telephone calls or send letters?
There is one pay phone at Peardonville House available to clients upon their 15th day of programming to make calls. Clients are placed in a 14 day protective zone where no visits or phone calls are allowed. Cell phones are not allowed at any of our programs. Clients are unable to receive calls. All calls to professionals must be arranged through your counsellor. Mail can be put in the mailbox in the foyer and is mailed on a daily basis. Any mail sent to a client will be given to them at 5 pm on the day it is received.
Do I need to attend program every day?
Yes. You are expected to take part in all aspects of the program during your entire stay.
What personal items should I bring?
Please refer to the referral package for a list of items to bring and not to bring. Any items on the “not to bring” list will be collected and not returned until program completion. Clients are permitted to have no more than one suitcase of personal effects per person. Moms with children may have a suitcase for each person plus diapers and wipes.
Can I bring my cell phone or other electronics?
No, Peardonville House does not allow any electronic devices except an alarm clock. Do not bring your cell phone as it will be put in storage until discharge.  Discovery of any electronic items while in treatment may lead to Peardonville House withdrawing services.
Will Peardonville House find a place for me to live following treatment?

No.  Clients must have a safe place to return to once they leave treatment.  Clients must be aware that treatment requires them to focus on learning new recovery skills and needing to search for housing creates extra stress and detracts from the purpose of treatment.

 FAQ for Moms and Kids:

My child has a specialist appointment. Can I keep this appointment?
Please take care of any outside appointments before your intake date. If this is not possible then a safe individual may pick up your child and bring them to their appointment.
Can I bring a blanket for my baby to use in their stroller/car seat?
No, outside bedding and stuffed animals are not permitted.
What if my child needs to see a doctor?

We have a Nurse Practitioner who comes every week.  If it is an emergency, staff will arrange for the child and mother to go to the clinic/hospital. 

What if my child gets hurt?
All staff has their first aid training. Staff will provide appropriate medical care and take both mom and child to the hospital or call an ambulance if necessary.
If I give the daycare money will they purchase diapers and wipes for me?
No. Clients must come with enough necessities to last the first 3 weeks. After that, clients may go out on a day pass to purchase items they need.
My child cannot sleep without his stuffed animal? Can I bring it if I wash it first?
No. Because outside bedding/stuffed animals can carry lice and/or bed bugs, they are not permitted.
My child has not had his vaccinations, can I get this done at Peardonville?
Yes, Public Health Nurses come every other week for vaccinations.
What if I am breast feeding?
If you are breast feeding, daycare staff will help you to create a schedule that works for everyone. Please feel free to bring a breast pump.
What about my other child/children? Can they visit me? Can I call them?
If you have children who are in elementary school, you may call them 3 times a week during your first 2 weeks of restrictions – twice during the week and once on the weekend. If you have set visits with your child before entering our facility, please inform our intake coordinator to set up 3 visits a week – twice during the week and once during visiting hours on Sundays.  If you do not coordinate this prior to your intake date, you will need to wait until after your 14 days of “no visits or phone-calls” is over.  Visits may occur twice during the week from 3:30 to 4:30 pm and on Sundays between 1:30 and 4 pm. These visits are strictly to connect with your children – not your partner or parent or other caregiver.
Can my child visit with his/her father/grandparents during restrictions?
Children may go off site with safe persons during the first 2 weeks. Moms must set this up with our intake coordinator prior to entering treatment as they will not be permitted to use the phone during the first 2 weeks of their stay. Moms must fill out the appropriate paperwork with the daycare.
Do I bring food for my child?
No, Peardonville provides all food, milk and juice for children. If your child is on formula, please bring 3 weeks worth and the rest will be provided by the facility.  Please do not bring any food for your children.  Once you are at Peardonville House, you may share your child’s preferences with the Day Care staff who will do their best to provide them for you.
How much is my child in the daycare?
Children go to daycare at 8:45am after having breakfast with their moms. Mom’s will pick them up at 11:15 for lunch and will bring them back to daycare at 12:45 until classes end at 3:15 at which time moms and kids will go on a walk then prepare for dinner. There is night care from 6 pm until 9:30 pm Monday to Thursday in order for moms to attend meetings.
Is there daycare on the weekends?
Can someone drop off diaper and wipes for me if I can’t come up with 3 week’s worth?
You may have 1 drop-off only during your restriction period. This must be from Mon-Fri between the hours of 9-3 and must be approved by your counsellor.

Client Checklist of What to Bring:

  • Due to space restrictions, clients may only bring a 50 lb suitcase.
  • Alcohol free personal hygiene products (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, etc.)
  • Feminine products (tampons, pads)
  • Comfortable and appropriate clothing and footwear
  • Umbrella or rainproof jacket and shoes for walks
  • Facecloth(s)
  • Personal identification (necessary for payment)
  • †PRESCRIPTION for 3 weeks of medication
    • DO NOT BRING MEDICATIONS – only bring the prescription
    • DO NOT fill prescriptions as they must be filled by our pharmacist
  • PRESCRIPTION for 3 weeks of methadone where applicable
  • †Alarm clock
  • Fan for hot weather
  • A clear water bottle
  • Binder, pens, paper, journal
  • Long distance payphone card
  • Loonies and quarters for laundry ($2.25 per load)
  • Tobacco products for a minimum of 3 weeks
  • SEPTIC SAFE Laundry soap (e.g. TIDE) and dryer sheets
  • A $20.00 Linen Deposit
  • Money for the bus ride home

Mom’s checklist of what to bring

  • Due to space restrictions, clients may only bring one 50 lb suitcase for mom and one 50 lb suitcase for each child along with diapers and wipes.
  • Mother & Child’s Identification (necessary for daycare payment and medications)
  • † Diapers, Formula, pull ups and baby wipes for a minimum of 3 weeks
  • † Child’s immunization record
  • † Doctor’s letter regarding the general health of the children to be admitted, and stating that the children (and mother) are free of head lice and scabies
  • †Your child’s favorite toys (maximum of 3 – Please no stuffed animals or bedding)

  What not to bring

  • No electronics : Cellphones, MP3 players, iPods, laptops
  • Movies/DVDs, Personal gaming devices
  • Televisions/stereo equipment etc.
  • Food or drink of any kind (including gum)
  •  Over the counter medications (including vitamins)
  • Live plants
  • Stuffed animals/bedding/towels
  • Valuables or breakables
  • Provocative/inappropriate clothing or reading materials
  • Perfume or Body Spray (we are a scent-free zone)
  • High heels
  • Aerosol sprays
  • Nail polish/nail polish remover
  • We are on a septic system so must be careful about what goes down the drain.  Therefore no:
  • Products with bleach or fabric softener
  • Hair Dye
  • Bath salts


  • Clients may not be on benzodiazepines or opiates
  • Clients may not have any court appearances while at Peardonville House
  • Clients will be on phone/visit restrictions for the first full 14 days of their stay
  • Clients will not receive a day pass until the weekend after their 22nd day.
  • (Mollie’s clients after their 29th day)
  • Due to space restrictions, clients are limited to one 50 lb suitcase and one handbag
  • Any additional belongings will be sent home upon arrival.
  • Belongings will be searched upon arrival and all unsafe products will be removed.

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